PVC Horeca Serie provides products of practical use which are shorter in length or which are in the form of a box for end point use with its wide range of products for use at home, in fast food, charcuterie, hotel and restaurants. The products are kept fresh when they are packed and also protected from external effects.

Products fulfilling the demand for different dimensions are available with or without boxes. The products with boxes that are delivered together with the cutting apparatus can be delivered with the Saklat or Boromino trademarks belonging to İmes Ambalaj or with other special trademarks of the customer as requested.

The PVC Horeca Serie can also be produced as pre-cut in the requested dimensions. Pre-cut products enable easy use and save you time since they are pre-cut and they do not require a knife, clean and easy take away is possible. The same amount is used each time preventing unnecessary use.


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