Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ section that we prepared from the questions coming from you...

You can easily use Imes Packaging Products for your food. Our Stretch Film, Shrink Film and POF Film products are produced in totally hygienic environments. Our products are produced according to the Turkish Food Codex norms.

Our products are water resistant. Stretch Film, Shrink Film and POF Film is an important issue for our products.

The fact that we produce durable products ensures that these products can be used several times in food. Each product differs in this respect. Stretch Film are our reusable products.

Stretch Film can be used to preserve all food, provided that it does not come in direct contact with oil and food. As per the TGK's notification numbered 2005/33, there is no drawback in the direct contact of PVC Stretch Film with all foods except fat and foods.

Nature Soluble Stretch Film can be used to preserve all kinds of food, including oil and foods. Your food, which you store with Nature Soluble Stretch Film, is protected from fresh and external effects.

There is no harm in the direct contact of Stretch Film with all kinds of foods, except fats and foods, as required by TGK's 2005/33 notification. All of our SAKLAT branded products and other İmes Packaging products do not harm the health when used in accordance with the instructions on the packaging.

Storage period may vary depending on the type of food, storage conditions and ambient temperature. Foods wrapped with Stretch Film can be stored longer and healthier than exposed foods.


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