For sustainable success we are attentive to human health and environment in our production processes.

Satisfied Customers

We are always working hand in hand with our customers because for us "All our customers regarded as the single customer we have". This basic value is shared by everyone working in İmes Ambalaj.

Ethical Approach

We have two principles on which the ethical approach of İmes Ambalaj is based. The first is to act according to the laws and ethical rules and never to compromise on this. The second is to value human health, nature and clean production over everything.

Continuous Innovation

We believe that continuous innovation is the basis of our success in the sector and allows us to sustain our determination, development and leader position. For this reason we are always working in order to develop innovative packaging.

Quality Policy

Quality is the basis of everything. Providing good quality packaging solutions everywhere in the world is our most important goal. Our most significant target is to get results which are over the expectations of our shareholders in our working methods and in our processes.


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